ECAM 22110 SB doesn't start anymore

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  • ECAM 22110 SB doesn't start anymore


    First of all please forgive me but I am not fluent in german so I will write in english..

    I have an issue with a model ECAM 22.110 SB, when I power it on the ground container flash is displayed (fix not flashing) and I can't do anything, it doesn't even start. First I was thinking that the diffuser was stuck so I unmount all panels to get access to the rail's motor and managed to make the diffuser move manually, I took it off and cleaned it then plug it in and manually place it at full right (when facing maintenance door). I also removed and cleaned the grinder. I still have the same problem so I am seeking some help :1f642:

    Thanks in advance !
  • So you cannot enter Testmode at all? Nothing works in Testmode (grinder, heater etc.)?

    If you switch on the machine normally, nothing happens? no sounds or movements?

    I would start with doing some resistance measurements: Verschiedene Widerstandsmessungen an einer Delonghi ECAM
    I once had an ESAM machine with a defective motor: it would not go into testmode because prior to going to testmode the machine still wanted to move the diffuser when swithing power on!!

    EDIT: I just looked at my own ECAM 22.110: when I take out the ground container it exactly behaves like you say --> does not enter testmode, just this fixed warning light.
    So I would check the micro-switch:
    - remove the covers of the machine
    - look for the micro-switch at the left side, at the bottom
    - remove the screw and take out the micro-switch: it has three wires --> from left to right: red, green, white (white is the common one: when not activated white is connected to red, if activated white is connected to green)
    - remove the green and white wire: connect them with a piece of wire / paperclip etc. to simulate activating the switch by putting in the ground container.
    - now switch on the machine, with the green and white wire still connected: warning light is now on or off?

    If it is off now: the switch is not working properly.
    Still on: something else is wrong...

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  • Ok so I unmount the switch and tried it just by pressing the small button on it and the warning light turn off ! But then the LED on the left of vapor button and the light of decalcify button is flashing.

    I will try to find why the button on the switch is not pressed by the mechanism.

    EDIT : Ok I know what's wrong with the switch, I just noticed someone broke the back part of the ground container which press on the button... -_-

    I turn on the vapor button on the left of the machine, the infuser moved and some water came out but now the alert light is on fix.

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