Plastic bag in the grounds tray

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  • Plastic bag in the grounds tray

    Hello friends, tired of finding lots of molder in the grounds tray, I´ve been using a plastic bag held in the grounds tray by some neodimium magnet pairs: one magnet inside and another outside. The magnets must have low profile to slide into he tray slot without problem. These magnets can be bought in chinese sites, the low profile ones are particularly cheap. I hope it helps.
    The machine in the pictures is a Delonghi 23.210.
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  • Hello mate,

    thank you for sharing your ideas with us.
    It is a good way to avoid all the cleaning of the grounds tray.

    I'll share you my small but effective solving for this problem - because i think using a plastic bag should be avoided as well.
    So i gonna use a half paper towel and put it on the ground.
    Yes, there will be molder and moisture in the tray, but it will prevent the most dirt (in relation to not doing anything of this) and you can easily throw it into the trash bin.
    And at least you don't need to buy that neodyme things and also you need'nt to install it every time.

    The next thing i've done is, that i prepared the ground tray with a car sealing.
    If i clean the tray with water now, i don't need to use any rag for it.

    I hope my english was good enough to share, because i learned it in school a long time ago.
  • Hello fibre thanks for your feedback!
    I´ve used the paper towel solution for a long time but, as you said, it allways get wet and molded. Then I tried to hold the plastic bag on the tray sides with paper clips but they cause problems to slide the grounds tray into the slot. The magnets are really cheap and have multiples uses.
    Why do you say the plastic bags should be avoided?
    I think it´s a eco friendly idea as long as the goal is to wash and reuse the bags, not dispose them every time.