Philips Hd 5730 Milchaufschäumer

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  • Sind wir definitiv sicher, dass ein DeLonghi ESAM 6600-Milchbehälter (wie er derzeit im Jahr 2018 hergestellt wird) die gleiche Art von Philips HD5730 hat?
    Ich frage, weil der Ladenbesitzer es nicht sagt. Ich frage, weil der Shop-Manager sagt, dass es nicht oder wahrscheinlich nicht geht. Er sagte, HD5730 ähnelt ESAM 3500 nicht 6600. Er weiß nicht, dass der ESAM 3500-Milchbehälter mit einem Philips HD5730 zusammenpasst.
    Neu und sofort einsatzbereit: Die 6600-Kanne aktiviert die Schalter in meiner HD5730-Maschine nicht. Das ist sicher.

    ((In Englisch, weil mein Deutsch wahrscheinlich falsch ist - Entschuldigungen! / In English because my German is probably incorrect - sorry!
    Are we definitely sure a DeLonghi ESAM 6600 milk container (as currently manufactured in 2018) has the same plastic extending part necessary to activate the switches of a Philips 5730 ?
    I ask because the shop manager says it will not fit or is likely to not fit. He said the HD5730 is similar to ESAM 3500 not 6600, but he does not know if ESAM 3500 milk container fits a Philips HD5730.
    New and out of the box, the 6600 jug does not activate the switches inside my HD5730 machine. That is for sure.)

    EDIT 13.11.2018
    Ich glaube, ich habe missverstanden, was meine Schuld oder "my bad" ist, wie die Amerikaner sagen :1f602:
    Brauchen wir den Deckel des Delonghi Perfecta, der mit dem Krug der PrimaDonna verbunden ist?
    d. h. der DLSC007-Krug / Milchbehälterdeckel (oberer Teil) mit dem ESAM 6600-Behälter oder -Kanne? Ah, das erklärt, warum meine ESAM 6600 Kannenhaube und Kannenaufnahme mit dem Philips HD5730 nicht funktioniert.

    Geheimnis gelüftet. Ich habe es falsch verstanden.

    I think I misunderstood, which is my fault or "my bad" as Americans say :1f602:
    Do we need the lid of the Delonghi Perfecta coupled to the jug of the PrimaDonna?
    i.e. the DLSC007 jug/milk container's lid (top part) but with an ESAM 6600 jug? Ah, that explains why my ESAM 6600 lid and jug does not work with the Philips HD5730.

    Mystery solved. I misunderstood.

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  • Here is the solution with an ESAM6600 jug top /deckel:

    I cannot write accurately in German, sorry. In simple English, the join is too short (not deep enough( between the top (short) green ring spout/outlet and the jug lid or the pin/valve in the jug lid in the upper hole/aperture of the jug lid or deckel. If you push the lid hard into the machine after pressing the milk froth button on the machine panel, you will see that the jug works ok and froths milk. This is because there is a problem with a small gap between the pin valve on in the lid and the green ring outlet on the coffee machine unless it is pressed in by hand or some other permanent modification is made.
    Solution is to either find a way to extend the jug valve pin more (it is most extended in 'latte' mode with lever pushed all the way forward towards the machine) or to put washers or spacers behind the coupling/kupplung perhaps (I am not sure if this exact method can help, but maybe) so that the spout enters into the jug aperture/hole deeper by an additional 3-5mm. This is my guess, but I do not know for sure if moving the coupling/kupplung forward has any disadvantages, so the best thing may be to somehow make the valve pin in the jug longer or use a jug model with a longer pin (a DLSC007 jug maybe works better? I don't know).

    Also remember the ESAM6600 has the tip (the part that enters the slot and presses the 2 switches) at an angle and that angle is not the same as the original HD5730 jug, so this also causes problems which have to be modified somehow.

    So took off the covers and got to the coupling, you have to undo one screw on the right of the panel that covers the coupling. Then undo the left tab first and then with a thin tool like a plastic blade you free the second tab on the right under the screw, pull down and the plastic panel comes off. 2 screws to undo the coupling and put spacers or washers of 4mm behind it. Take care that the 2 buttons that are the switches activated by the tip of the jug are kept back and not brought too far forwards or the jug will always activate 'clean' mode! : - ) So put something in front of the switches block to keep them in the correct position. I also cut off the nose of the lid of the jug, I am not sure if it's necessary, but I tried that too in case it was also interfering with a good join of the air and steam. I also cut off the tabs or ears on the hot water and steam spout for the same reason -- but both these things might not be necessary! All that might be necessary is moving the coupling forward 4mm and then you can put the plastic panel back after you are sure the switches won't move around etc. The panel probably won't screw back as it is probably out of alignment a little because the coupling was brought forward, but it will fit back in position if you are careful and this hides the wires and ugly tubes etc. It is not going to be a perfect fit when you put the jug back - you may have to wiggle the jug around or alter its angle of insertion etc, but it will work and give you frothy milk. I will upload some photos to show what I did when I get a moment. It took me several hours, but someone proficient can do it in 30 mins. So, in summary, yes the ESAM6600 lid and jug will fit if you make modifications. (Of course, much better to find a fully compatible jug or an old jug on eBay and not have this hassle.)
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